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Strehler is an independent Swiss watchmaker based in Sirnach, Switzerland founded by renowned master watchmaker Andreas Strehler.

Led by Andreas Strehler, Strehler represents the pinnacle of haute horlogerie with a focus on technical excellence, fine craftsmanship and mechanical watchmaking perfection.

Andreas crafted his reputation working for prestigious brands before establishing his own manufacture in 1998. Known for innovations like the Sauterelle à Lune Exacte moon phase, he exemplifies a holistic approach designing, developing and finishing all components in-house.

Strehler's timepieces are characterized by rigorous attention to detail, elevated proprietary finishes and an appreciation for both technical brilliance and aesthetic beauty.

The brand's first model, Sirna, establishes these principles through its independently developed and decorated in-house calibre alongside sleek case design.

Produced in ultra-limited numbers befitting a true manufacture, each Strehler creation reflects Andreas' passion and the workshop's dedication to perfection through traditional methods.

Operating from their atelier in Sirnach, Strehler watches represent the pinnacle of Swiss mechanical horology guided by a master with decades of expertise elevating this art form. Every watch becomes a highly coveted work of art crafted to the highest standards.

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