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Established in 1865 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, REUGE has been creating finely crafted musical movement-driven pieces for over 150 years. It all began when Charles Reuge invented the first musical pocket watch, sparking a family tradition of mechanical music production.

Today under the guidance of the fourth generation, REUGE remains one of the few surviving purveyors of authentic swiss-made musical innovations. Where others have turned to digital, REUGE continues perfecting the art of mechanical music.

Led by visionary Guido Reuge in the 20th century, REUGE pioneered numerous musical advances including singing birds. Guido's entrepreneurship expanded the brand's global reach while maintaining exceptional quality.

Operating from the original village workshop, REUGE artisans meticulously hand-assemble each timepiece, music box or figurine using premium materials like fine woods and precious metals. Intricate musical movements are finely tuned to provide lifelike melodies.

REUGE's dedicated design team collaborates to bring unique commissioned pieces to life. Specializing in personalized creations and limited editions, no two REUGE music boxes are alike.

Celebrating over a century and a half of musical marvels, REUGE perpetuates the magic and wonder of mechanical sound. Through passion and Swiss craftsmanship, REUGE transports listeners to a world where technology takes a back seat to tradition and emotion.

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