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Oscillon represents the pinnacle of traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Based in Geneva, the independent brand produces all of its timepieces entirely by hand using antique manual machinery and techniques.

Founded by master watchmakers Dominique Buser and Cyrano Devanthey, Oscillon draws on their extensive expertise. Buser and Devanthey met while studying horology and later collaborated at Urwerk, where they discovered a shared passion for vintage watchmaking techniques. For over 20 years, they dedicated themselves to acquiring historical machine tools and learning to operate them from elder artisans.

At their workshop, every component is fabricated from raw materials using tools like the rose engine lathe and pinion cutting machine, just as master watchmakers did in the late 19th century. By eschewing modern automation, Oscillon ensures an extraordinary level of precision, variation between pieces, and the distinct artistic signatures of their master watchmakers.

Buser and Devanthey bring decades of experience in mechanical watch design, prototyping and finishing their own movements entirely by hand. Their goal in establishing Oscillon was to perpetuate rare traditional craftsmanship through creating ultra-limited series watches using only antique manual methods.

The painstaking manufacturing process yields exquisitely finished movements and watches. With a production limited to just a handful per year, Oscillon pieces exemplify Swiss haute horlogerie at its most meticulous. Their timepieces showcase craftsmanship worthy of becoming lifelong family heirlooms.

Through preserving obsolete manual methods, Oscillon honors great historic watchmakers and pushes forward the evolution of mechanical watchmaking. The brand’s Fundamentum represents a stunning achievement in traditional watchmaking excellence with its hand-finished components and architecture. Oscillon continues to set the benchmark for rare skill preservation.

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